r - Life is what you make it. Grab it by the dick and, if it decides to jizz in your eye wipe it off and keep on wanking. X

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Me trying to get a bitches attention

April 19 | 3:11

I’m drinking moscato on the rocks because I can’t keep wine in the residence hall fridge… iced wine is weird.

If anyone talking to Corbin right now wants to plot get at my ask box or tell me to get at yours cuz I don’t wanna reply on mobile but I’m not ready to get offline

Or Alana too cuz she always needs love
April 19 | 3:06

Ok so basically I spilled nail polish remover all over my computer keys -.- and that was my attempt to communicate that. I’m on mobile now and it’s hard to see replies but I’ll see what I can do anyway. My keyboard is probably fucked now ugh

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i jus t spilled nail polish remover all over my computer brb

my keybaor dis fucki   gupb ec auseofthisB R


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i jus t spilled nail polish remover all over my computer brb

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She nodded. “Yes it is.” She agreed with his statement and giggled. “Five? Good for you. Almost every day of the week. That’s impressive.. like really impressive.” She smiled and was genuinely interested by that. “I pick Truth by the way.” She said and took her shot. 


"It’s not all that impressive. I don’t really fuck girls to impress people." He reminded her. Corbin looked back when she answered truth, and he thought that over. "How did you lose your virginity?"


viviennethefierylight:"Give it back Corbin"



"Give whatback? Your virginity? Your dog? Did I take your easter egg basket?" 

"Were are my cigarettes?"


"Mark that down on the list of things I did not steal."



”Well, that explains the great sex.” She said smirking and taking another drag to the joint. ”Luckily for some, we are not.” Nirvana laughed a little and as she felt his teeth bite her skin, the girl looked down and kissed him, pulling his body closer to hers.


Corbin kissed her in return, and set the bottle of whiskey on his bedside table. “And we don’t have to be quiet either, because my sister isn’t home.” He reminded her with a grin on his face. His hand moved up her hip to her thigh, and beneath her shorts.